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Carpet Cleaning

Truck-mounted hot-water extraction is used to break down the stains and soils in your carpet. We use environmentally safe products that treat all types of soiling from the normal day to day traffic dirt to the accidental pet stains. The powerful extraction unit removes the dirt and moisture from your carpet leaving it looking, smelling and feeling great. No residue is left in the carpet and the steam that breaks down the soils dries (in normal conditions) within a couple of hours.

By using this method of cleaning, which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers, you can be assured you are getting the very best process available.

We clean many styles of carpet such as Berber, Saxony plush, cut pile, looped, frieze, shag, nylon, polyester, olefin, polypropylene, sisal, wool, cotton, silk, Stainmaster, Anso, Monsanto and more!

Carpet Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Review cleaning areas and inspection with client.
  2. Provide cleaning estimate.
  3. Pre-spot spots and spills.
  4. Apply environmentally safe pre-conditioning agents to release soils.
  5. Agitate in pre-conditioner to remove heavy soils.
  6. Hot water extract with Truck-mounted system.
  7. Post-spot for maximum spot and stain removal.
  8. Apply Dupont carpet protector (Optional).
  9. Groom carpet to speed drying and enhance appearance.
  10. Final evaluation with client.

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